Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for iSyllabus Scotland Limited, iSyllabus England Limited and Solas Foundation.


1.1. All students must register using their full name and provide accurate information.
1.2. Students are required to pay the complete course fee prior to course closing date unless a scholarship charity with a payment plan.
1.3. Course placement will only occur after the student has made full payment or been granted a scholarships from the iSyllabus scholarship charity
1.4. If the student is registering or paying on the day of the course, place will not be guaranteed unless prior agreement has been made with iSyllabus.
1.5. The minimum age requirement for course registration is 15 years old unless otherwise stated or agreed with iSyllabus
1.6. iSyllabus is unable to transfer course enrolment from one student to another. Only the person wishing to enrol onto the course should apply using their personal details.


2.1 Course enrolment confirmation is only guaranteed after full payment is made by the student
2.2 All payments must be made via the iSyllabus website.
2.3 Any discount code/offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
2.4 Any discount code/offer is only valid for new enrolments. iSyllabus will not refund part payment if discount code/offer is seen or made available after enrolling
2.5 Only one discount code can be used per applicant per course. If for any reason more than 1 discount code has been added at checkout, iSyllabus reserve the right to cancel and refund enrolment and send an email to student requesting new enrolment using only 1 code.
2.6 If using a student discount code via ISOC, iSyllabus reserve the right to request proof of enrolment i.e. scanned picture of matriculation card
2.7 Student discounted rates are only applicable for 1 Year Diploma – Step by Step course via affiliated ISOCs.
2.8 Early Bird offer discounts are only applicable for the time stated on course promotional material. Discount will not be applied after the closing date of offer.


3.1 All cancellation and refund requests must be made via email to info@isyllabus.org.uk
3.2 SHORT COURSES – Any cancellation request received more than 7 days before a course start date will be eligible for a full refund of the course fee. Requests received less than 7 days before a course begins will not be eligible for a refund nor be transferable and iSyllabus will not be responsible for any costs incurred on students behalf.
3.3 DIPLOMA/INT/ADV COURSES – If iSyllabus is informed via email asking to discontinue course prior to 19th October 2021 – 7pm, then a full refund will be issued to original payment method.
No refunds will be issued for any cancellation requests received after 19th October 2021 – 7pm.
3.4 iSyllabus cannot defer a students enrolment or put course enrolment on hold until following academic year at any time during the course
3.5 iSyllabus will process all refunds within 14 working days from receipt of email.


4.1 Students are expected to maintain a high standard of etiquette in all interactions with fellow students, teachers and staff members.
4.2 iSyllabus reserves the right to remove students from a course who display inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour during a course or via email/social media communication to staff or fellow students without the possibility of a refund.


5.1 iSyllabus reserves the right to use any audio/visual recording made during courses (video, photography or otherwise) for the purposes of its promotional material.
5.2 By signing up to an iSyllabus course, you consent to the possibility of your image being used in promotional material, unless you notify iSyllabus via email. Attending any event implies attendee consent to the film, photography and audio recordings of themselves as members of the audience.
5.3 All rights in the content of any course-related print, audio or visual material are owned by iSyllabus. No part of any such content may be reproduced in any form without our prior written permission or as permitted by law.
5.4 The use of unauthorised cameras, video and sound recording equipment is prohibited.


6.1 Live, online streaming of a course is available to enrolled students only. Any other access to the online streaming service is acceptable only with prior consent from iSyllabus.
6.2 Online users will be granted password protected access to their course, information which must not be shared with any third party.
6.3 It is strictly prohibited to record or mirror iSyllabus online recordings, to do so will be an infringement of iSyllabus rights and appropriate action will be taken.

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