What is iSyllabus Scholarships?

iSyllabus Scholarships provides financial assistance to students of Islamic knowledge hoping to embark on the iSyllabus course. Scholarships are provided to students who may otherwise struggle to meet the costs of the course and to those who demonstrate a zeal for Islamic learning and a wish to benefit themselves and their communities through what they have learned.

Charity number – SC043240

For scholarship queries please email


Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said,

When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).



The application process shall be as follows:

The online application forms are now available – please choose below the form for the course you are applying for:
For Deep course applications click below on the ‘Apply for Deep Course 2024/25 Scholarship’ 
Closing deadline for applications for the Deep Courses is 12:00 on 19th August 2024

For Diploma course applications click below on the ‘Apply for Diploma 2024/45 Scholarship’

Closing deadline for applications for the Diploma Course is 12:00 on 23rd September 2024

iSyllabus Scholarships will inform those who have applied if their application has been successful or not within one week of the closing deadline.
Successful applicants have until the beginning of the course to make the relevant payment to iSyllabus Scholarships (see below)
Successful applicants who have paid their fees will have their names forwarded to iSyllabus and begin the course

There are two funding grants that can be offered: full scholarships and half scholarships. If you are granted a half scholarship, half of your fees will be paid by iSyllabus Scholarships. If you are granted a full scholarship, all of your fees will be paid by iSyllabus Scholarships, but a refundable deposit will be collected prior to commencement of the course which will be repaid at the end of the course if all terms and conditions have been met, these will be detailed in full at the time of application but largely require good attendance and attempting all exams.

Prior to commencement of the course the relevant fees for each type of scholarship must be paid for the student to proceed to starting the course. This includes:

  • Refundable deposits from Full scholarship students
  • Half of fees from Half Scholarships students

Please be aware if you are unsuccessful in your application for a full scholarship, you will not necessarily be automatically considered for a half scholarship. Therefore, please be realistic and honest when applying.


You may be eligible for a half scholarship if:

  • You are in employment but have dependants (e.g. children) and can demonstrate financial need
  • You are a student with no source of income/funding
  • You are responsible for the fees of one other iSyllabus course applicant

You may be eligible for a full scholarship if:

  • You are unemployed
  • You receive Income Support
  • You are a student with no source of income/funding
  • You are responsible for the fees of two or more other iSyllabus Course applicants

We recognize each student has a different financial position. Therefore, please apply for the scholarship grant that you think is most suited to you. 

Please note, any decision made by iSyllabus Scholarships is final and cannot be contested.


Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are scored on three main criteria – financial need; commitment demonstrated to the course and to seeking Islamic knowledge in the past; and plans/potential for use of the knowledge gained in teaching or generally benefiting others. One does not necessarily have to demonstrate all of these areas to be considered for a scholarship, though financial need must be demonstrated.

Over and above the code of conduct expected of every iSyllabus student, those with Scholarships are expected to at least attempt all exams throughout the year. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal of your funding. After the first term you will be expected to complete a progress report to update iSyllabus Scholarships regarding your engagement and progress with the course as a condition of continuing funding into subsequent terms.

Yes absolutely. The two applications are separate, and it is necessary to apply to iSyllabus directly for the actual course.

All applications will be considered once the deadline has passed. In this way we are able to compare all applicants and allocate funds to those who are most in need and fulfil the above criteria. Therefore, it is not possible to inform applicants individually whether their application is successful at the time of their application.

Yes, if you inform the iSyllabus team that you are awaiting the outcome of a scholarship application they will keep your place and liaise with us regarding this.

Unfortunately, in order to keep the process detailed above fair and equal to all applicants, no late applications can be processed. We hope if this situation arises you are able to arrange alternate funding or can plan to apply for a scholarship the following year.

This should be paid directly to iSyllabus Scholarships as we pay iSyllabus in full for each student regardless of the type of scholarship.

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