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iSyllabus is in partnership with Momentpin, a private social network that enhances and supplements our current teaching model.
To enhance your engagement for any of our classes or events you will now need to download the Momentpin app. This can be done through a few easy steps which are outlined below.  We look forward to meeting you in class and interacting with you through the app.
Be part of a new, exciting and engaging experience
For any issues please email

Momentpin (SC573358)
Bellahouston Business Park
423 Paisley Road West
Glasgow, G51 1PZ

Download the app

  • Search for the Momentpin application on Google Play or App Store.

  • Install the app and open it.

  • Enter the email address and phone number used to register with iSyllabus.

Why Momentpin

A private network designed to get you closer to reality, enhancing the student – teacher learning experience 

One recurrent piece of feedback that we receive from the thousands of students that have loved the iSyllabus Islamic studies courses has been ‘We want to continue the classroom experience after leaving the lecture hall.’ We agreed. However the digital options which we researched, based on the social media models available at the time, led us to conclude that they compromised our commitment to both the general wellbeing of our student body as well as their privacy. 

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We are glad to announce that our platform of choice, Momentpin, is co-founded by an alumnus of iSyllabus and personal friend. It allows us to now offer one of the most exciting ventures in Islamic education today, complementing our quality course content with social-media style interaction with teachers and moderators but without the now well-documented negativity associated with other platforms. We will now be able to facilitate continual learning with bespoke answers, short videos, reminders, anecdotes and will offer our students pathways to peer learning that is a gateway to lifelong Islamic learning. The Momentpin app will bring together the student experience by providing a clean interface with bespoke facilities that will make learning the fulfilling endeavour it was always supposed to be. 

Keeping students safe and enhancing the learning experience.

Momentpin is a private network that puts the user at the heart of what it does delivering a clean, ad free, safe environment to collect your most precious memories; share them only with the ones you choose and interact with community groups in a manner which enables you to pick and choose your content.

Momentpin is not a broadcast platform and therefore does not have many of the issues associated with such mediums. Momentpin does not sell advertisements, therefore all users own their data on personal feeds.

Momentpin users will always own their data. Even if you put up a message and its been shared throughout the network you can remove it instantly. Feel safe to post comments at the same time knowing you are in control, always.

Momentpin will show who is in the class, but will not allow any direct messaging, It will not show any contact or status information. Momentpin will never share your data with 3rd parties. Feel to safe to join a class with no one else being able to contact you without consent. 

Momentpin will provide polls and questions, a place for peer learning to grow under the supervision of the teachers and administrators. Teachers will ‘star’ key points and messages to provide a simple filter to quickly review.

Momentpin is the world’s first parent – child centric network. The platform is designed to support family values and replicate real life learning. Momentpin does not sell its data for advertisers. Momentpin never owns any data posted on personal feeds. It focuses the user on the value of content and interaction with real people around real events .

Momentpin packed full of so many features to help your community groups and individuals educate through creating high value moments, producing real positive screen time. With easy-to-use and easy-to-learn features, the Momentpin platform will create a way for users to develop real bonds, relationships and be a medium for academic and life learning lessons.​

Momentpin does not publish your phone number, nor your status. Other than your name which you enter in at registration it does not present any other information. The Momentpin platform has been designed with the user at heart. The user always has control of their content. 

Parent – child, Momentpin is build by “Techy” parents from around the world who shared the same fear of the problems posed by social networks. It provides a platform for parents and guardians to capture moments for children from the day they are born. Providing a means to spend positive screen time with their children when they are introduced to social networks. In-built are the all safety aspects to ensure that a child is never alone on the network.

These key features and the passion help towards building a safe environment to interact within. 

The iSyllabus application process has changed.

We are now using Momentpin, a private social network to enhance and supplement our current teaching model. To apply and enroll for any of our classes or events you will now need to download the Momentpin app. This can be done through a few easy steps which are outlined below.  We look forward in meeting you in class and interacting with you through the app.  

Be part of a new, exciting and engaging experience

iSyllabus registration is done online. Register and pay for the class as described below. To optionally enter the virtual classroom download the Momentpin app as described below.

For any issues please email

Register and pay for class or event

Select the type of class or event you want to register for. Click on ‘Apply’. Once you have registered and paid you will be automatically enrolled.  

  • Select the class or event you want to register for. Click “Apply”.

  • On the following page enter your details and click “Next”.

  • Enter the verification code which will be sent to your phone and email address.

  • Read and accept the terms and conditions of joining iSyllabus.

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