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The Four City Tour

Istanbul | Bursa | Makkah |Madinah 


  • Istanbul / Bursa (Four nights)
  • Makkah and Madinah (Eight nights)
  • Fasting the first few days of Ramadan in Madinah

 This trip will take you on a journey not just to different countries, but through time itself, retelling some of the most momentous events in our history.

Istanbul, Makkah and Madinah – cities which saw some of the most eventful episodes in human history. You will be guided to fully appreciate first hand what they represent to us today.

  • ​Istanbul / Bursa (Four nights)

To start the journey, we will be visiting the famed city of Istanbul, and you will come to realise from where the mighty Ottoman Empire – the longest ruling empire in human history – derived its strength. The intense respect and veneration instilled in every level of the Ottoman Empire for Allah and His Messenger (may Allah grant him blessings and peace) made it an empire to be feared and respected. Having lived there for four years and having first hand knowledge of the city, Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed will uncover the remnants of this veneration through visits to the numerous religious sites in Istanbul, even searching for lost fragments of the Black stone hidden in the old streets of Istanbul. Take a Ferry tour of the Bosphorus strait looking at the historical sites along the famous waterway, reliving the story of the conquest of Istanbul by the great Sultan Fatih. Enter the private palace of the Sultans, to see the Sacred Relics & Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. There you will find an array of authentic religious relics collected in Istanbul from all around the Muslim world for safe keeping.

​As part of this special Umrah, we will also be taking the group on a unique day excursion to the beautiful historic city of Bursa, the first Ottoman capital and burial place of Osman son of Ertugul.

  • ​Makkah and Madinah (Eight nights)

During your time with us in Makkah and Madinah, you will experience and live the most essential aspects of our faith while performing the sacred Umrah in Makkah and Madinah, and you will learn to reconnect with your faith through thought provoking daily lesson and reminders by Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed. This will include special walking tours exploring the history of Makkah and Madinah, looking at locations of places that have been neglected and forgotten during the modernisation of the cities. While there, attendees will have ample opportunity to fulfil the religious rites, and will also have time to reflect on the meaning of the worship done through special reminders and sessions with Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed.

  • 5* Hotels
  • Flights, Visas & Transfers
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Guided walking tours of the 4 cities
  • Bosphorus Tour: Sacred Relics & Topkapi Palace
  • Day tour of first Ottomancapital (Bursa)
  • Resting place of Osman son of Ertugul
  • Daily reminders on the Holy Lands history & Sirah
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From £1,695*
Triple room: £1,760
Double Room: £1,860
* Price based on adult sharing a quad room
travel schedule

Flights departing/arriving at Edinburgh Airport via Turkish Airlines

  • Istanbul/Bursa (4 nights) Double Tree Hilton 5*
  • Makkah (4 nights) Swissotel Hotel 5*
  • Fasting the first days of Ramadan in Madinah (4 nights) Al Haram Hotel 5*

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Ramadan Virtual Hub

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Learn | Reflect | Connect

Welcome to the iSyllabus Ramadan Virtual Hub #RVH2020. A special, content-rich engaging experience for you, your family and community. iSyllabus is posting content throughout the day for children, teenagers and families.

Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed gave live daily reminders at Iftar time during Ramadan. Shaykh Amer Jamil live reflected on each Juz of the Quran in the evening during the words of Allah.

Join us on Momentpin to access all the content but also for the Shawwal programme!

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At the Gates of Paradise

Welcoming the Month of Ramadan

“All the actions of the children of Adam are for themselves except for fasting, for that is purely for me and I will provide the reward for it”

The days are getting longer so the reward will increase! Be prepared and hit the ground running!
Ever imagined the month of Ramadan passing you by like many others before it without you reconnecting with the Divine?
Ever imagined losing the opportunity not to fully benefit from the blessings it brings?
Now imagine making a change and reaping the enormous gifts of Ramadan and coming out of it a changed person!
The month is at our doorstep again like a guest laden with blessings and goodness. Let the guest in and you prosper, neglect him and you will remain pondering over the lost opportunity of a lifetime.

This short intensive course, full of inspiration and learning will put the spirit back into the practice-the heart back into the body.
Covering practical tips, in-depth Islamic Law, spiritual advice as well as contemporary day to day advice relating to Fiqh. It is a unique opportunity to fully benefit from Ramadan and the act of fasting.  

Just some of the many topics covered:

Radiant Moon - Glorious Sun

The Seerah of final Prophet reimagined

What would the Prophet (may God bless and grant him peace) say if he walked in our lives? What would he do to help us navigate our problems, our aspirations, our challenges, even our despair? Strange as the question seems, Muslim tradition has always insisted that the answer to this is available through an ongoing reflection of his life – his Seerah. So much so that some would recommend it be reviewed once every year.

Join iSyllabus with its founders Sh Amer and Sh Ruzwan, in what promises to be a thought provoking and life-enhancing two day event covering the life and times of the Prophet Mohammed reimagined. We will cover a detailed analysis of key events, drawing practical lessons for today’s Muslim community in the area of spirituality, family, politics, identity and religion. If there has ever been a time when Muslims needed to review afresh the Seerah, it is today!

Radiant Moon - Instructor: Shaykh Amer

As well as a study of the Makkan period, the day will look at topics such as:

Glorious Sun - Instructor: Shaykh Ruzwan

As well as a study of the Madinan period, we will look at: