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Int Y1 2019/20 Students

Intermediate Y1 Exams

Score N/a% Hst 1.04.P History of Hadith
Score N/a% Aqd 2.04.P Fiqh Al Akbar (2)
Score N/a% Fqh 2.03.P Classical Laws of Worship (Prayer)
Score N/a% Hdt 2.03.P Comparative Fiqh & Hadith Studies (Prayer)
Score N/a% Fqh 1.01.P Fiqh of Purity (Taharah)
Score N/a% Hdt 1.01.P Hadith questions
Score N/a% Qur 1.02.P Case Study in Commentary (Surah Najm)
Score N/a% Aqd 1.02.P Fiqh Al Akbar (1)

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