The Final Journey


The Final Journey – The practicalities of dealing with Death, Burial rites & Inheritance matters

Every week we hear of Muslims passing away in the community. Many of us have lost loves ones, and know that experiencing death is not easy. It can be a very distressing and confusing time for families. At such a time many questions arise: Who do we call to arrange washing and shrouding his body? Where will the deceased be buried? What are the correct Islamic practices and which are cultural?

With world events like Covd-19, death has become an even closer reality.  Such unprecedented events raised new questions about ways of dealing with death related rites, such as the washing of the deceased and as we saw these can vary depending on changing circumstances.

At such testing times there is little time to start studying these urgent matters. Being prepared for that day, can make all the difference, and provide the clarity to know what you should, and should not do.

In this course will cover the following:

  • Fiqh rulings surrounding burial rites including: washing and shrouding the body, the funeral (janazah) prayer and the burial
  • Delve into the soul’s journey after death once it leaves the body
  • Practical issues including immediate contact, Medical/Death & Burial Certificate, post-mortems and other procedural matters
  • Dealing with bereavement, wrestling with the emotions of grief, offering condolences, acceptance and moving on
  • The Islamic etiquettes of visiting the graves
  • Understanding the most important fundamentals of inheritance law which often cause so many family feuds
  • A practical demonstration of the washing and shrouding of a body

It is only a matter of time before we experience a death of a someone close to us, so the question is, will we be ready for that difficult day? Will we be able to have the knowledge to REALLY help the deceased? Will we be able to help those around us who will be struggling to come to terms with the situation? Will we have the knowledge to provide CLARITY to ourselves and those around us, or will we join the crowd of the CONFUSED, adding confusion to confusion? Isn’t a small amount of time taken out to learn about such matters worth it?

Join iSyllabus as we give YOU the opportunity to learn about what we do when a Muslim dies from the moment of death to beyond the burial.


The Final Journey – The practicalities of dealing with death, burial rites & inheritance matters  

Teacher: Shaykh Amer Jamil

Session 1: Saturday 9th October 2021
Session 2: Saturday 16th October 2021
Session 3: Saturday 23rd October 2021
Session 4: Saturday 30th October (Live Q+A)
Time: 11am – 1.30pm
Cost: Early Bird £39 and Full Price £49
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