So you want to know about the Signs? – Demystifying Muslim ‘End of Times’ narratives


The real threat of nuclear annihilation, the environmental destruction of the biosphere or even the wiping out the human species by viral infections. Each of these are constantly postulated as mechanisms for the end of life as we know it. Projects such as the ‘Doomsday Clock’, a tracking system designed by leading scientist to record the probability of humans wiping themselves out, started in 1949 by predicting that striking midnight (at which point we would reach annihilation) was just seven minutes away. The last substantial update, for 2020, put the clock at just 100 SECONDS to midnight. This is just one example how the ‘End of times’ is being articulated in purely materialistic circles. Modern society sees progress as a holy grail, and yet seem resigned to accept that this very process will lead to an end to the human species.

Belief in the ‘End of Times’ is central to most faiths, yet modern man frames this as a distant if not suspicious concept. Amongst Muslims, the current perceived weakness and helplessness of the Ummah has given rise to fatalistic readings of future events, with an awaited saviour the only route out of the current ills affecting the Ummah. Armageddon and the Occult add further layers to an already obscure area of study. Humans are more than ever less well equipped than ever to understand what to believe in or who to trust. The role of popular media and idolised cultural icons in spreading subverted versions of reality is increasingly impactful on Muslims and their views or reality, who despite being the recipients of the final message, are increasingly taken in by popularised distortions of truth and reality.

In this mix come the subject of ‘The End of Times’ narratives in Islam, an area of clear portents of the last days, but also clouded in misinformation and misunderstanding.

This course will survey, critique and analyse classical and contemporary readings on apocalyptic reports in the Islamic tradition. Relying on classical and contemporary experts on the area, it will provide a framework within which to further study reports on the End of Times narratives.

On completion, the content of this course will provide clarity to the complexities inherent in discussions on the end of times, and empower students to be able to critically engage with numerous theories and prediction spreading confusion on an already unclear area of Islamic studies. 


So you want to know about the Signs? – Demystifying Muslim ‘End of Times’ narratives

Teacher: Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed  

Session 1: Saturday 31st July 2021
Session 2: Saturday 7th August 2021
Session 3: Saturday 14th August 2021
Session 4: Saturday 21st August 2021 (Live Q+A)
Time: 11am – 1.15pm
Cost: Early Bird £39 and Full Price £49
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