Caliphate Reloaded – 100 years on


To mark the centennial of the Caliphate’s fall on 3rd March 1924, we are launching a new take on our acclaimed ‘Caliphate Reloaded’ course.
Amidst the ongoing strife in Gaza, the concept of ‘Ummah’ and the imperative of safeguarding the dignity and life of its collective body against relentless attacks and adversities has never been more relevant.
This multidisciplinary course is designed to illuminate one of the most intriguing yet understudied facets of Islamic research. Engage with the critical issues of leadership, power, and legitimacy that continue to challenge the Ummah amidst the turmoil and upheavals faced by the Muslim world today.
Dive deep into the rich tapestry of History, Law, Politics, and Theology to unravel the enigmatic concept of ‘The Caliphate’ and its profound impact on the modern world.

This course will also include new reflections from Sh Ruzwan on:

  • The paradox of ‘The Impossible State’ & the perpetual relevance of the Caliphate.
  • Is it premature to talk of ‘The Failure of Political Islam’?
  • The role of modern muslim activism in driving ideological and religious discourse on caliphate.
  • Contemporary debates on the relevance of ‘quietest’ hadith during early conflicts in the ummah
  • The ‘trauma’ over the fall of the caliphate and how it is being dealt with.

Course structure:

  • The course will run over 4 weekends, with catchup recordings available after each weekly session
  • 3 LIVE introductions from Sh Ruzwan to each week’s topics, presenting the current context to each week’s lessons
  • 6 premium LIVE recording of the course, with integrated slides, recorded in a packed lecture hall in 2016 with a live student audience!
  • End-of-course LIVE extended Q&A with the course instructor Shaykh Ruzwan
  • 6 month access to the full course recording

Enrol now to empower yourself with most essential lowdown on the contemporary relevance of Caliphate and how it will continue shaping both Muslim identity and global Islamic discourse.

Content breakdown:

  • The Fall of the Ummah and the End of the Caliphate.
  • Divergent Views of Authority in Islamic History.
  • The Caliphate: A Theological and Jurisprudential Perspective.
  • Background of Islamic Governance (al-Siyasah al-Shari’yyah)
  • Governance under Divine Law Throughout History.
  • Addressing Injustice: The Role of Revolt, Rebellion, and Uprising in Islamic Political Thought – Historical and Juridical Perspectives.
  • The Direction of Islamic Leadership: Emerging Models of Muslim Authority in Eastern and Western Contexts.

By the end of this course you will be able to navigate the following issues :

  • Factors contributing to the Ummah’s decline and its assessment methods.
  • Legal perspectives on establishing a Caliphate.
  • Origins and implications of the Sunni-Shia division regarding the caliphate concept.
  • The influence of Caliphal or State support in promoting religious denominations.
  • The contemporary application of Shar’iah in Muslim nations.
  • The development of the Islamic state concept to the present day.
  • Key trends in fiqh debates about deposing a leader or Caliph.
  • The need for re-evaluating the traditional stance on deposing a leader in the context of modern nation-states and social contracts.
  • The dynamics of Muslim political participation and citizenship in Western countries in relation to the Islamic notion of authority
  • Empower yourself with the most essential lowdown on the contemporary relevance of Caliphate and how it will continue shaping both Muslim identity and global Islamic discourse.

Caliphate Reloaded – 100 years on

Teacher: Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed

Session 1: Saturday 2nd March 2024
Session 2: Saturday 9th March 2024
Session 3: Saturday 16th March 2024
Session 4: Saturday 20th April 2024 (Live Q+A) – 11am – 1pm
Time: 11am – 2pm
Cost: Early Bird £39 and Full Price £49
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