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Running in a city near you

Following the successful pilot launch of the iSyllabus Islamic studies course, it is now undergoing a phased rollout in partnership with city-based institutes that share the mainstream Sunni teachings and educational philosophy that the course represents.

These are organisations with a proven track record in progressive Islamic education: the iSyllabus works closely with its partners to ensure that the student journey and experience is of a type that reflects positively on the Muslim knowledge tradition.


A word whose origins in Scots Gaelic mean ‘The Dear Green Place’, Glasgow became a place of settlement in the 6th century around the figure of St Mungo and later went on to become the ‘Second city of the British Empire’. It is now home to one of the most successful and prosperous Muslim communities in the U.K.

The home of the iSyllabus course, where it was developed and piloted, the city has succeeded in setting  new benchmarks in Islamic education provision in the U.K.



The city is a home to many educational initiatives that have been pivotal in promoting mainstream Islamic scholarship and learning iSyllabus will be working with its local partner The City of Knowledge Academy to further enhance such provision by running the course there.

The modules take place on site at the main University of Birmingham campus.


The capital of Scotland and venue for the world renounced Edinburgh Festival; this city is home to a cosmopolitan and long established Muslim population.

Classes will be held at the University of Edinburgh campus.


An important mercantile city built on back of the trading routes on the western seaboard of the UK, Bristol has been acknowledged as one of the best place to live in the UK and ranks amongst the most environmentally progressive cities in Britain.It also has a well established Muslim population served by a network of Mosques and Islamic centres.

The course will be held at the University of Bristol.


Manchester is a city now famed for a footballing culture known the world over. It is also home to an eclectic mix of Muslims who have made it there home. 

Session Dates


The Intermediary class will held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland every Wednesday from 18:45 to 21:30 starting on Wednesday 23rd October 2019.


Our Diploma course will run from October through to June.


Weekly on a Tuesday  evening class from 6.45pm-9.30pm at the University of Glasgow starting on Tuesday 22nd October 2019


Weekly on a Monday evening class from 6.45pm-9.30pm at the University of Manchester starting on Monday 21st October 2019


Weekly on a Thursday evening class from 6.45pm-9.30pm at the University of Bristol starting on Thursday 24th October 2019


Weekly on a Wednesday evening class from 6.45pm-9.30pm at the University of Birmingham starting on Wednesday 23rd October 2019


Weekly on a Monday evening class from 6.45pm-9.30pm at the University of Edinburgh starting on Monday 21st October 2019