''The Advanced course, as the two year culmination to the full course, focuses on the relevance of the Classical corpus of Islam to the challenges that Muslims face today. What can our intellectual tradition teach us in responding to the main Ethical and religious questions we face?


To what degree are Religions decisive and violent by nature? What is the Question of Evil and what does Islamic theology say about it? Can Islamic law be applicable in the West? Can an understanding of the breadth of scholarly opinion on contentious issues help provide solutions to seemly intractable problems Muslims face? Does Islam have the requisite framework for navigating the problematics of Gender that affect religious scriptures generally?    


Indeed the vast majority of the content which I teach in the Advanced course, such as on Polemics, Apologetics and the Philosophy of religion, is not covered in any Alimmiyah course, but is nevertheless today an absolute necessity for advanced students of knowledge.'' 

Click here for module details of the Advanced Year One and Year Two programs


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