Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a course?

1. Register with iSyllabus by clicking here.

2. All registrations will be through the Momentpin application. 

3. Once you have successfully registered for the course you will be automatically added into the classroom on Momentpin.  

4. Payment can be made online via a Debit/Credit card and upon completion you will be fully enrolled onto the course.

What if I do not have a smart phone to download the Momentpin app?

Please contact the administration on

Why did iSyllabus choose Momentpin?

iSyllabus has been for some time now seeking a method to extend and enhance the learning experience. We have been receiving numerous requests for some time from students to get closer to the class and be part of a larger community. We have been seeking such a solution that would not compromise the students privacy and data ownership, whilst at the same time providing a means for a positive online experience. Momentpin provided all the core feature sets we required and we are confident that it will provide the extended learning experience that our students have been requesting for.

Will it cost me to download the Momentpin app?

NO there are no costs for the end user to download the application and use it for personal and iSyllabus use.

Is Momentpin exclusive to iSyllabus?

NO Momentpin is an independent social network which has been developed with the core features of family, user privacy and control at the heart of its product feature set.  In addition to community groups being hosted on Momentpin, it also enables its users to create personal feeds, capturing all the important moments of your life and sharing them within family and private groups. It provides the feature to create a child account to enable users to capture moments of their children from birth and then to share them with children,  nurturing them on a virtual network in parallel to bringing them up.

Will Momentpin sell advertisement space to 3rd parties?

NO Momentpin does not allow adverts on your personal feed and hence has no requirement to data mine or own your content. Momentpin revenue is clear through two means (a) They will be providing a Freemium model for the B2C customer and (b) Momentpin charge community groups, like iSyllabus, to create moments, i.e. class rooms or events, to interact and engage with our students.  

Is there an age restriction to apply for iSyllabus?

Yes students must be 16 years of age or over. Students who are 15 years of age may in exceptional circumstances apply to course but only if accompanied to class by a legal guardian who is also a students on the same course. However it should be noted that this will be at the discretion of the teaching staff and the level of maturity of the student. 


How is the iSyllabus 1 year Diploma Course delivered and how long will it take to complete?

The course will run from mid October till the following June. 

It will follow a trimester system. For each trimester, generally each week there will be 3 lessons (each lesson for a different module, each module consisting of 6 lessons) and will be in 6-week blocks, with two such blocks for the first two trimesters.  In general there will be 2 exams the week after each 6-week block. Some modules may have a homework-type assessment instead of an exam. The third trimester will only consist of one 6-week block and there will be no assessments for the subjects taught in this block.

Classes will generally take place between 6.45-9.30 pm unless stated otherwise. Detailed timetables will be provided for students upon course commencement and will include dates and locations of all classes, tutorials (if any), exams/assessments and holidays. 

See course guidelines provided on enrolment for more details.


What are the course fees for the iSyllabus Diploma courses?

Full Fee - £345

Early bird rate - £315

Repeat Student - £195

Please note that there are no other discounts available. Advanced and Intermediary fees are provided upon application.  


I have previously attended the course, is there a discount for repeat students?

A discounted rate of £195 is available to previous students if they paid the full course fee when they attended the course. Any student who dropped out of the course, without paying the full fee, is not eligible for this discount. If you are a repeat student, please state in your application form that you paid the full-fee the first-time round so that this can be checked and a repeat student discount applied. 


Can I pay the course fee in installments?

No, payment must be made in one instalment when you apply for the course and have been accepted. Once we have received your full payment, you will be enrolled on to the course. Please note that an independent charity does help students who require financial assistance, please visit their website for further information.


Is there any type of financial aid or a scholarship fund available to help with payment of fees?

It is the expressed aim of iSyllabus to provide all those that seek to further their understanding of their religion with ample opportunity to do so. We venture to ensure that no individual in genuine need will be denied access to the course on account of a lack of funds.

With this in mind, the iSyllabus Scholarships Charity (an independent charity to iSyllabus) helps those who require financial assistance. 

Please note that the applicant will be required to demonstrate that such a need exists and only students who have proven their need of such assistance will be successful. 

For further details on how to apply for a scholarship, please visit the iSyllabus Scholarships Charity website.


Is Attendance Necessary?

Diploma Course

Yes, we expect students to have a good level of attendance throughout the year and attend each week to ensure they do not miss lessons. See course guidelines for more details. 

Intermediary/Advanced Courses

Students need to attend a minimum of 22 weeks of the full 32 weeks to attain the minimum attendance criteria. This means that failure to attend 10 weeks or more will result in the student being unable to attain an acceptable attendance rate for the next year. See course guidelines provided on enrolment for more details.


How will students be assessed throughout the course?

Written examinations will be held usually at the end of the 6 week module i.e. the week after the last set of lessons, though this may vary depending on circumstances. Students will be given prior notice relating to examination dates.


Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. Students will be issued with a Self-Accredited Diploma in Islamic Studies on successful completion of the course provided that they met the attendance criteria and passed all exams /written assessments. See course guidelines provided on enrolment for more details.


Are the exams/assessments compulsory?

In order to gain a certificate of completion at the end of the course the assessment criteria for all exams/assessments must be met together with the attendance criteria. However, a student can choose to attend the lectures and not sit the exams but will not get a certificate at the end of the year and will not be able to progress onto the iSyllabus Intermediate & Advanced courses. 


What happens if I lose or damage my notes throughout the year? Can I get another set?

All students will be issued with one set of notes for all subjects. Any additional sets of notes that a student requires due to loss or damaged will be subject to a £15 fee for each volume of notes.


If I leave the course during the year, will my fee be refunded?

It depends when a student wishes to leave the course. 

If Admin is informed in writing of the intention to discontinue prior to commencing the course, then a full refund will be applicable minus a £50 admin charge. 

If Admin is informed in writing of the intention of discontinuing the course before Sunday 1 December 2019 - 2359 hours then a 50% refund of amount payed for course will be applicable. 

From Monday 2 December 2019, no refunds will be issued 

Who should I contact if I wish to leave the course?

If you wish to leave for any reason, please email quoting your name, student number and which city you are attending the course in and the admin team will process your request.


I am interested in doing the iSyllabus Intermediary course. Are there any pre-requisites for the course?

In order to apply for the iSyllabus Intermediary course, students must have successfully completed and passed the iSyllabus One Year Diploma Course.

Students with an overall average of 65% or above will be given priority. Students who have gained less than 65% are recommended to repeat the course (without exams) before applying to the Intermediary course.

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